Awards We’ve Won

The multi-award-winning Mooncup® was born of a desire to drastically reduce the waste produced by throwaway sanitary products. We were the first sanitary protection manufacturer in the world to be certified as an Ethical Business.

Here are a few of our awards and accreditations from organisations that have given Mooncup a big thumbs up.

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  • First sanitary product manufacturer in the world certified as an Ethical Business
  • Mooncup Ltd holds a Mooncup holds an Ethical Company Index rating of 100.
  • Among ‘The UK’s Top 50 Ethical Brands/Companies’  2014
  • Highest ethical feminine care brand and company ranking 2014
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  • Registered by the Vegan Society since 2010
  • Best Vegan Environmentally Friendly Product 2004
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  • Best Buy status since 2007
  • The Best Buy Label is only awarded to those companies and products that have met more than twenty animal welfare, environmental and human rights criteria following independent research.
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  • Winner ‘Best Sustainable Menstrual Product’ 2020
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  • Winner of ‘The Green Business Award’ 2017
  • Winner of ‘The Best Place To Work’ Award 2017
  • Winner of ‘The Best Place To Work’ Award 2019
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  • Finalist at the Deauville Green Awards 2017 for A Period Drama
  • Awarding companies that promote sustainability and eco-innovations
  • Winner in the Responsible Consumption & Eco-label category
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  • Winner of Women in Ethical Business Awards, May 2007
  • Short-listed for Women in Ethical Business Awards 2006
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  • Winner ‘Best Lifestyle Product’ 2019
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  • Best toiletries product 2013
  • Best eco product 2011
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  • Winner ‘Responsible Business Award’ 2009
  • Winner ‘Entrepreneur Award’ 2009
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  • Approved by the Vegetarian Society 2004